DewaPoker . 90 day year A Court Appointed Special Advocate has four basic responsibilities to the child to whom she/he is assigned:

  • To be the child's voice in court. An advocate provides information to the judge about the child's preferences, needs and circumstamces as they pertain to the best interests of the child.
  • To investigate and report on what courses of action might be in the best interests of the child. An advocate assists the Court by researching and assessing the circumstances of the child's case and reports his/her findings and recommendations to the Court, Child Protective Services, and the child's attorney.
  • To advocate for the child. An advocate monitors the child's situation while the child is a court dependent and ensures that the child is receiving the services and support she/he needs. This requires a commitment of at least eighteen months.
  • To be a stable and consistent adult in the child's life. An advocate acts as a friend and mentor providing a listening ear and a gentle guidance to the child during a very traumatic time in that child's life.

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